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About   MiEvents DFW
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What Is MiEvents DFW?

MiEvents DFW is an event management company that takes care of all the organization and tasks it takes to deliver a successful event for their client.

Once hired we become responsible for all the little details, making sure our clients vision and plans run smoothly and work properly. MiEvents takes away the stress of the event by communicating with vendors, assisting in choosing a venue, working with guests and important parties, we also organize delivery dates allowing you to focus on the day and your guests. We are always prepared to take care of plan A, but when things change our ability to manage plan B is impeccable.

About  Mikesha

Mikesha is an expert Events Producer with five-star communication skills and a go get it attitude. She is often several steps ahead of clients’ needs during the planning process. Mikesha holds a Masters degree in Business  and  seven years experience as an Event Planner. Mikesha is a native of Dallas and has always enjoyed the coordinating and events arena. Her passion for planning and seeing visions come to life was the driving force behind her decision to launch MIEvents in 2013.

Mikesha has created relationships with event vendors around Dallas to ensure her clients get the best pricing. Her work speaks for itself and to anyone's budget.  true goal is to always make you feel like a guest at your own celebration and to always create an “EXPERIENCE” for all who attend. Whether you’re throwing a lavish gala or smaller, intimate luxury wedding, a dream can become a reality with the expertise of Mikesha and team. 

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  • 10+ years of experience as an event coordinator 

  • A Post-secondary education, degree in Business

  • A professional demeanor and ability to stay calm under pressure

  • Experience with creating and maintaining budgets

  • A proven track or aptitude for customer service

Event  Coordination
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